Thursday, April 9, 2009

Totally Absent Army Race Report

Since I'm too lazy to write a race report this week, you'll just have to be satisfied with extra pictures. That's why you read this anyways, right?

Driving through a Monsoon on the way down

Calm, cool, and collected before the D race

Lap 1


Dead things

I was made for the Army



The massive C field


Women's B

Ask Steve

Callie on a tear

Getting some rest

Sketchball here ate a sixer of fat rings before the HCTT

Men's D crit

Chinkle doesn't even have to race before he wins


Rob on a solo break that nearly stuck

Men's C

Special props go to Rob and Anna for destroying their fields last weekend. Don't worry if you missed it, they'll destroy again at Yale.


Emma B. said...

Blogging through pictures is awesome.

SHopengarten said...

I was practicing my aero position. Arms offer lots of drag. Also, sticking your tongue out has the same effect as the nose on a plane.

Trust me, I'm an engineer.